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Wildlife photographs from around the world:

This page is intended to give quick access to some of my most recent photographs, to save you the effort of browsing the complete portfolio to find what's new!

Coming soon, South Africa, the region around Kruger National Park! Thanks for looking!

I've left a link to my most recent 'BIG' trip (Madagascar) below as it might prove interesting to some, and there are still quite a few pictures that require i.d to various levels. Please help if you can. I've now finished loading the photos from my recent trip to Tanzania. This has resulted in 34 species and 2 sub-species new to my database. Thanks for looking!

Madagascar pictures

Tanzania pictures

Tobago pictures

And finally, click on the link below for photos of species new to this database taken on my home territory since the start of 2024.

Recent UK pictures

1 picture of a Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) loaded on 13th May.

1 picture of a Twenty-plume Moth (Alucita hexadactyla) loaded on 13th May.

1 picture of an as yet unidentified Blue-winged Olive Mayfly (Baetis sp.) loaded on 17th May.

1 picture of a Green Cellar Slug (Limacus maculatus) loaded on 25th May.

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