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This page is intended to give quick access to some of my most recent photographs, to save you the effort of browsing the complete portfolio to find what's new!

No new expeditions so far this year. Please keep checking!

I went back to visit our friends in Spain again in early October, only for 4 days, but the weather was glorious. They still seem to exhibit a desire not to stray from the concrete wasteland they live in, despite having some glorious natural areas right on their doorstep. Despite this I managed a few photographs. Only 9, but they do include 6 species new to this database. Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

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I recently spent a week in Thailand, my first trip to that country.The trip was great! Nice country, great people and great food. Unfortunately the wildlife decided not to play ball! It's not that there was a great shortage of it, although the fact that I spent all week in 2 fairly well developed holiday locations probably didn't help, but, as in most countries that still have large areas of remnant forest, most of the wildlife tends to stick to the canopy, and not pose for the camera of some 'stupid' tourist! Coupled with a few technical problems with the photographic gear (at the most inopportune moments, of course) the result is a bit of a dearth of pictures. All are included in the single selection criteria below. Enjoy, and thanks for being interested!

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And finally, click on the link below for sundry recent photos taken on my home territory since the start of 2017.

Recent UK pictures

2 pictures of a Least Yellow Underwing Moth (Noctua interjecta) added on 3rd August

1 picture of a White-triangle Button Moth (Acteris holmiana) added on 4th August

1 picture of a Daddy Lond-legs Spider (Pholcus phalangioides) added on 12th August

1 picture of a Dock Bug (Coreus marginatus) added on 14th August

1 picture of a Green Shield-bug (Palomena prasina) added on 14th August

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